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  • Wendy (Thursday, July 26 18 10:05 am EDT)

    Dolita thank you so so much, I adore my dress🥂👌💗

  • Sarah (Thursday, June 28 18 05:23 pm EDT)

    Thank you so much
    I can't ask for more my dresses are gorgeous and our experience with you Dolita was so delightful.
    You are the best.

  • Melissa Rosario (Tuesday, June 26 18 07:41 pm EDT)

    I was with Jane at the studio, I bought the amazing long dress, I wish you had more fabric.
    Thank you again for your gorgeous work

  • Jane (Tuesday, June 26 18 07:38 pm EDT)

    Dolita your designs are just magnifique all my friends loved your dresses, thank you so much for your amazing work and your unique personality.

  • Sarah Rye (Thursday, June 14 18 04:50 pm EDT)

    You are my favorite designer
    Thank you again for all my gorgeous dresses Dolita ❤️❤️❤️👌 You are the best👌

  • Jim (Friday, June 08 18 08:46 am EDT)

    Thank you so much for everything Dolita, my wife is so happy.

  • Maurine (Saturday, June 02 18 10:57 pm EDT)

    Tonight I'm wearing the gorgeous dress you made for me Dolita, I got so many compliments 👌🏻 Thank you so much, you are the best.

  • Maria Lopez (Friday, June 01 18 12:53 pm EDT)

    Dolita you are amazing.
    I ordered six dresses for my niece birthday on Wednesday and had them Thursday evening! I'm so happy all the dresses are perfect.
    Thank you so much.

  • Sandra (Wednesday, May 30 18 08:12 pm EDT)

    Dolita you saved my life, my dresses are amazing

  • Alexia (Tuesday, May 08 18 08:59 am EDT)

    I just wanted to tell you that your beautiful dresses save my life ... I am traveling today (and packed 19 of them!) Thank you so much Dolita

  • Sandra (Monday, April 30 18 10:44 am EDT)

    Thank you so much for your wonderful work Dolita. You are an amazing artist and a beautiful woman, I can't way to come back to see you next collection.

  • Sarah (Thursday, April 26 18 09:29 pm EDT)

    Thank you our dearest Dolita! Alice is so thrilled with her new dresses and skirt. Thank you. And mine are stunning too. We will see each other before too long - and until then, we are sending big hugs and many thanks.
    Sarah & Alice xx

  • Kellie (Tuesday, April 17 18 11:58 am EDT)

    Dear Dolita, I bought your dress at Channel 13. I wore it to the Emmys on Saturday night. Got SO many compliments! 😀🙏

  • Donna (Thursday, April 12 18 09:24 pm EDT)

    I took all my Dolita dresses in Florida with me and have every days I have tones of compliments, I think you should open a store in Miami

  • Nancy (Wednesday, April 11 18 11:57 am EDT)

    I'm wearing the red dress with the chain pattern today. Got so many compliments.

  • Noemi (Wednesday, April 11 18 11:50 am EDT)

    I love all my dresses Dolita
    I wish you had a store you are so talented
    Thank you again for your great work 🙏🙏🙏

  • Sandy (Tuesday, April 10 18 07:43 am EDT)

    You designs are amazing
    I can't believe how fast you made my clothes, my dresses fits so perfect. Thank you so much. You are the best Dolita 👌😘

  • Alexias Trump (Monday, January 29 18 02:48 pm EST)

    You made me the most beautiful lace gowns I could have ever asked for, and it was the most enjoyable experience.
    Thank you so much Dolita for your beautiful work, and your amazing talent.

  • Francesca (Thursday, January 18 18 01:42 pm EST)

    Dear Dolita I have to tell you again how much I love my dresses. You are very talented, I hope you have an other boutique we need you in New York.

  • Cathy (Saturday, January 13 18 01:18 pm EST)

    I have to write a comment I'm Maureen stylist and I love the amazing dress you just made for her. Honestly I didn't want to try anything today, but I just got myself the Opera dress and I look fabulous. Thank you so much for letting me try your beautiful creation. Dolita you have a new client💋

  • Maureen (Saturday, January 13 18 01:09 pm EST)

    You save my life, thank you so much for making my dress so fast, I'm going back to L.A today. you are the best Dolita 👌👌❤️

  • Angela (Friday, January 12 18 06:54 pm EST)

    Thank you so much Dolita, my dress is marvelous,I gave your number to one of my friend.

  • Josefa Garcia Sao polo (Wednesday, January 10 18 02:34 pm EST)

    Happy New year and thank you so very much for my jumpsuit, everybody loved it my Bday was magnificent, thanks to you Dolita, you are an amazing fashion designer and s real genius I can't believe you made it so fast and didn't take my measurements. I'm a fan

  • Jenny (Tuesday, January 09 18 03:43 pm EST)

    I just want to say thank you for my wonderful dresses, I love them all❤️❤️

  • Lisa (Monday, January 08 18 01:49 pm EST)

    Dolita, it's my birthday weekend i wore the red dress and felt fabulous.
    Thank you so much.

  • Cheryl (Wednesday, January 03 18 09:27 am EST)

    Happy New Year my Dolita.
    I'm in Tahiti at Bruno's and I'm wearing my beautiful Dolita dress today and having an amazing time with my friends. I'll come to see you next month when I'm back in a city.

  • Rose Green (Saturday, December 30 17 01:24 pm EST)

    If you're looking for a fashion designer or someone to create your perfect dresses, you should definitely call Dolita in New York. She literally made me 12 dresses in 24 hours, She did a phenomenal job and she didn't take my measurement, just sewed my dresses over night!!!
    My dresses fit like a glove and look absolutely amazing! Dolita is a great woman who is extremely talented and passionate about her work.

    Thank you so much for my wonderful dresses.

  • Kate (Saturday, December 30 17 01:11 pm EST)

    I am writing to say thank you Dolita for the wonderful dresses you made, everyone though it was just the most spectacular outfits they had seen. It was so special to have a one of a kind dresses, and the fabrics and colors was really outstanding. Thanks for my dream dresses.
    Kate New York

  • Pascale Richard Director of Cultural (Thursday, December 28 17 09:10 am EST)

    Bonjour Dolita,
    Un grand merci pour ces deux robes que j'ai déjà porté plusieurs fois et qui ont eu beaucoup de succès. je fais passer le mot...
    A bientot
    Pascale Director of Cultural Events | Lycée Français de New York

  • Jamie (Wednesday, December 27 17 07:26 am EST)

    Six women attend my birthday party wearing the same designer, they looked amazing, everybody love you dresses Dolita. I can't wait for New Year's Eve.

  • Andrea (Wednesday, December 27 17 07:20 am EST)

    Andrea wore your jumpsuit last night she looked amazing, and I wore my little black dress, Thank you for your beautiful designs, you are so talented Dolita.

  • Shauj (Wednesday, December 27 17 07:17 am EST)

    Thank you so much for my gorgeous dresses, I've been wearing my Dolita dresses every evenings of the week :)

  • Children's Cancer Research Fund (Saturday, November 04 17 11:26 am EDT)

    Thank you for your generous donation, we auctioned and sold out the 61 dresses so many childrens gonna have a little more hope in their lives because of you. Dolita you are an amazing woman and a talented artist, I'll make sure the world knows about your kind heart and amazing personality. We love you Dolita Paris you are the best!

  • Valerie (Tuesday, March 21 17 05:31 pm EDT)

    I love all my dresses, thank you so very much Dolita. I hope you gonna open an other store in New York.

  • Maria (Friday, September 23 16 09:52 am EDT)

    Dolita when you are you gonna open a new store?
    we miss you

  • Clara (Tuesday, September 20 16 10:37 pm EDT)

    I walked in to this store and hung up on my mother. It is awesome and I think I took every business card in the place to distribute to my friends, we love Dolita fashion she is very talented and a
    hard working woman

  • Maria Molina (Tuesday, September 20 16 09:59 pm EDT)

    I don't like for dresses I love them !!!!!
    We had an amazing time this afternoon
    Thank you Dolita, you are the best.


  • Kate (Tuesday, September 20 16 09:57 pm EDT)

    I love my dresses, can't wait for you to reopen a store
    Thank you my beautiful designer

  • Bernardsuh (Sunday, May 29 16 08:04 am EDT)

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  • Sandra (Tuesday, May 24 16 08:33 am EDT)

    Bonjour My dear Dolita, I just wanted to let you know that my dresses are amazing. You are a genius, and thank you so much for your donation to the church, God bless you.
    I will make an appointment at the showroom when I'm in a city again. Thank you again, had a first class experience at the your tiny store. Merci madame

  • Patricia Cohen (Saturday, March 26 16 04:55 pm EDT)

    I have consistently relied on the invaluable experience and knowledge of Dolita to help me find the best dresses for my size body type and personality. She is the best . I love her , she is so
    creative .

  • Jennyfer (Saturday, March 26 16 04:55 pm EDT)

    I wanted to extend many thanks to you Dolita for such a wonderful job. I love the color and style of my dresses they are so comfortable ! I look fabulous. I will call you when I m coming back to New
    York. Sincerely.


  • Cheryl (Saturday, March 26 16 04:54 pm EDT)

    Brie and I wore the same dress, except in Green with one shoulder,It was among the most comfortable dress I have ever worn! and, simple ,elegant, beautiful.


    New York

  • Barbara (Saturday, March 26 16 04:53 pm EDT)

    We love the Dolita dresses. I must admit, the Dolita dresses are amazing.

  • Lauren (Saturday, March 26 16 04:51 pm EDT)

    The quality of the dresses was beautiful and Dolita was fantastic.
    Guests commented on how great they all looked and how the idea of having different dresses all the same color was great !
    Thank you again for offering a such a great product.


  • Linda Proud (Saturday, March 26 16 04:50 pm EDT)

    My husband and I met Dolita six weeks ago. We highly recommend to take a private appointment with Dolita at her adorable store, I'm living for Italy next week and I taking with me my ten dresses! I
    need some more. . . A very very happy client!

  • Sarah Mendes (Saturday, March 26 16 04:49 pm EDT)

    I admire Dolita courage and her consistent professionalism and attention to her client we are so glade to have Dolita in New York !
    Sarah Mendes

  • Cheryl (Saturday, March 26 16 04:49 pm EDT)

    It is always a pleasure to shop at the Dolita boutique when I'm in New York.
    I took my friends with me and they loved everything! Dolita dresses are great for large or small sizes.

  • Pat (Saturday, March 26 16 04:48 pm EDT)

    Beautiful dresses Dolita, I love your video.
    I'm wearing my"white dress tonight"!

  • Michelle (Saturday, March 26 16 04:47 pm EDT)

    I am writing to express my gratitude to the wonderful Fashion designer - Artist, Dolita and thank for a simple and convenient buying experience. After seeing the flattering silhouettes and beautiful
    fabrics available in her line, I knew theses were the dresses for me. Not only were they reasonably priced, the ordering process made the whole operation very easy for me living in California! My
    friend told me about Dolita kindness and great personality. Thank you so much for making me look so beautiful.


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