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  • Children's Cancer Research Fund (Saturday, November 04 17 11:26 am EDT)

    Thank you for your generous donation, we auctioned and sold out the 61 dresses so many childrens gonna have a little more hope in their lives because of you. Dolita you are an amazing woman and a talented artist, I'll make sure the world knows about your kind heart and amazing personality. We love you Dolita Paris you are the best!

  • Valerie (Tuesday, March 21 17 05:31 pm EDT)

    I love all my dresses, thank you so very much Dolita. I hope you gonna open an other store in New York.

  • Maria (Friday, September 23 16 09:52 am EDT)

    Dolita when you are you gonna open a new store?
    we miss you

  • Clara (Tuesday, September 20 16 10:37 pm EDT)

    I walked in to this store and hung up on my mother. It is awesome and I think I took every business card in the place to distribute to my friends, we love Dolita fashion she is very talented and a
    hard working woman

  • Maria Molina (Tuesday, September 20 16 09:59 pm EDT)

    I don't like for dresses I love them !!!!!
    We had an amazing time this afternoon
    Thank you Dolita, you are the best.


  • Kate (Tuesday, September 20 16 09:57 pm EDT)

    I love my dresses, can't wait for you to reopen a store
    Thank you my beautiful designer

  • Bernardsuh (Sunday, May 29 16 08:04 am EDT)

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  • Sandra (Tuesday, May 24 16 08:33 am EDT)

    Bonjour My dear Dolita, I just wanted to let you know that my dresses are amazing. You are a genius, and thank you so much for your donation to the church, God bless you.
    I will make an appointment at the showroom when I'm in a city again. Thank you again, had a first class experience at the your tiny store. Merci madame

  • Patricia Cohen (Saturday, March 26 16 04:55 pm EDT)

    I have consistently relied on the invaluable experience and knowledge of Dolita to help me find the best dresses for my size body type and personality. She is the best . I love her , she is so
    creative .

  • Jennyfer (Saturday, March 26 16 04:55 pm EDT)

    I wanted to extend many thanks to you Dolita for such a wonderful job. I love the color and style of my dresses they are so comfortable ! I look fabulous. I will call you when I m coming back to New
    York. Sincerely.


  • Cheryl (Saturday, March 26 16 04:54 pm EDT)

    Brie and I wore the same dress, except in Green with one shoulder,It was among the most comfortable dress I have ever worn! and, simple ,elegant, beautiful.


    New York

  • Barbara (Saturday, March 26 16 04:53 pm EDT)

    We love the Dolita dresses. I must admit, the Dolita dresses are amazing.

  • Lauren (Saturday, March 26 16 04:51 pm EDT)

    The quality of the dresses was beautiful and Dolita was fantastic.
    Guests commented on how great they all looked and how the idea of having different dresses all the same color was great !
    Thank you again for offering a such a great product.


  • Linda Proud (Saturday, March 26 16 04:50 pm EDT)

    My husband and I met Dolita six weeks ago. We highly recommend to take a private appointment with Dolita at her adorable store, I'm living for Italy next week and I taking with me my ten dresses! I
    need some more. . . A very very happy client!

  • Sarah Mendes (Saturday, March 26 16 04:49 pm EDT)

    I admire Dolita courage and her consistent professionalism and attention to her client we are so glade to have Dolita in New York !
    Sarah Mendes

  • Cheryl (Saturday, March 26 16 04:49 pm EDT)

    It is always a pleasure to shop at the Dolita boutique when I'm in New York.
    I took my friends with me and they loved everything! Dolita dresses are great for large or small sizes.

  • Pat (Saturday, March 26 16 04:48 pm EDT)

    Beautiful dresses Dolita, I love your video.
    I'm wearing my"white dress tonight"!

  • Michelle (Saturday, March 26 16 04:47 pm EDT)

    I am writing to express my gratitude to the wonderful Fashion designer - Artist, Dolita and thank for a simple and convenient buying experience. After seeing the flattering silhouettes and beautiful
    fabrics available in her line, I knew theses were the dresses for me. Not only were they reasonably priced, the ordering process made the whole operation very easy for me living in California! My
    friend told me about Dolita kindness and great personality. Thank you so much for making me look so beautiful.

  • Maria (Saturday, November 07 15 06:49 pm EST)

    Dolita I love my dresses
    Your boutique is a candy store for women! everything is just fabulous.
    Gracias my friend.


  • Sonia (Sunday, August 02 15 10:17 pm EDT)

    I'm back in New York for few days and I can't wait to see your new collection,
    I love all my dresses

  • Bridget (Monday, February 17 14 12:25 pm EST)

    Dolita welcomed me into her boutique like a friend and was so helpful right from the word go.
    I choose her red flowing design and have it made for me from scratch which was super affordable compared to other designer that were charging the same amount just to hire a dress! The quality and
    detail of every stitch was perfect. I could not have felt more comfortable and beautiful on my valentine's date. My whole experience with Dolita was simply amazing.
    Thank you for making it so easy for me.

  • Amanda (Friday, February 14 14 11:43 am EST)

    Thank you Dolita for my fabulous red dress!
    I'm sending you the pictures soon

  • Audra (Sunday, February 09 14 03:34 pm EST)


  • Ashley (Saturday, January 11 14 06:59 pm EST)

    Thank you so much Dolita, I received my jumpsuit and I love it !
    Happy New Year

  • Mariana (Thursday, January 09 14 06:07 pm EST)

    Thank you so much for my beautiful dress.


  • Cindy Goss (Thursday, January 09 14 08:42 am EST)

    Ladies I adore Dolita designs, all my dresses fit like a glove (and would look great on your figure!!) I have bought so many pieces from her ... the materials never crease ... I put the dresses in
    bags on delicate cycle in the machine (!) Her "works of art" are excellent for travel...the dresses, pants and shirts just fold up and come out of the suitcase looking perfect. She just amazing!

  • Claire Montaigne (Tuesday, December 31 13 08:12 pm EST)

    I just wanted to tell you that your dresses save my life ...
    I am travelling (and packed 8 of them!) and will absolutely come by to see you as soon as I am back.
    Sorry I have not been by sooner ... life was far too busy ... but I will come with maria soon! Much love.

  • Joanna Polar (Tuesday, December 31 13 07:47 am EST)

    Thank you so much Dolita, I received my dress yesterday and wanted you to know that I'm so happy with my purchase, the dress fits perfectly ! thank you so much for the super fast ship.

    Your designs are amazing, like so many women, I'm always looking for the perfect and comfortable dress. Now than I have you in my life, when I think I have nothing to wear, I can always count on a my
    Dolita dresses, the flowing dress style is so flattering and great for your self-esteem. Excellent work . . . Bravo! Joanna Polar

  • Tina (Saturday, December 28 13 07:45 pm EST)

    Thank you so much Dolita Dan and I had an amazing time todaY at your boutique, I love my dresses and I think I'm gonna wear the black one tomorrow. Love you, merci ma amie XOXO

  • Penelope (Sunday, December 22 13 08:29 pm EST)

    I'm wearing my fabulous Dolita dress tonight and I feel like a star.

  • Francine (Thursday, December 19 13 02:50 pm EST)

    Dolita your work is beautiful, I love your store window, your energy and the website.

  • Janice (Wednesday, December 18 13 11:21 pm EST)

    Dolita you are a star, thank you so much for all your beautiful dresses, and the champagne. We had an amazing evening.

  • Christine (Wednesday, December 18 13 06:01 pm EST)

    I Love my dresses, your bazaar Rock!

  • Ashlee (Friday, December 13 13 04:51 pm EST)

    Thank you so much Dolita.
    I found and bought the dress of my dreams at the Bazaar sale, the experience was amazing. My mom and my sister both bought five dresses. We felt completely welcome and important, Dolita is extremely
    nice and you could tell that she really cares about what she does. Thank you again.

  • Claire (Thursday, December 12 13 09:29 pm EST)

    Thank Dolita my dresses are fabulous!

  • Maria (Friday, November 29 13 12:22 pm EST)

    Dear Dolita, I'm Laura's sister, Black Friday and we didn't find one pieces to buy at Bloomingdales but God sent us to Dolita store today, I'm so happy than I met you Dolita. We walked on 54th for
    the first time and bought over 10 dresses, Unbelievable I hope you find an new location, you are so talented Dolita. Thank you again

  • Laura Rodriguez (Friday, November 29 13 12:03 pm EST)

    Thank you for your amazing collection Dolita, I'm so glade I walked with my sister on 54th St.
    I love all my dresses, your fabrics amazing, I never wear prints, but today I bought six dresses and my sister five. . . Thank you again. Laura

  • Sheila (Sunday, November 24 13 12:05 pm EST)

    Dolita thank you so much for all my new beautiful dresses, I love the new fabrics, they fit me amazing, everything is just is perfect like always. I can't wait to buy more dresses. I will be back to
    New York in July. Thank you

  • Farina (Monday, November 11 13 07:48 pm EST)

    Thank you so much Dolita, I' m so happy my dress is perfect.

  • helena (Saturday, November 09 13 06:01 pm EST)

    I love my dresses, Thank you so much Dolita!


  • Stefan's (Sunday, November 03 13 08:15 pm EST)

    I'm back in New York for few days and I can't wait to see your new collection.

  • Beth (Friday, November 01 13 02:46 pm EDT)

    I love your store window, your designs and your website.

  • Sophy Diaz (Tuesday, October 29 13 04:05 pm EDT)

    I' am very lucky to have been able to met with the designer and her assistant last Sunday. They made finding dresses for my mother and myself very fun and easy.
    Dolita and her assistant was so helpful and flexible and easy to work with. I'm so happy, we bought 12 dresses and we absolutely love them.
    All of the dresses are perfectly made, beautiful, top notch, and the prices are completely reasonable (speaking from someone with a budget). To top it all off, they are running a promo type deal
    right now, and simply because we purchased 12 dresses the Dolita gave us 2 free "little girl" dresses (from my nieces) I couldn't believe it I thought she was joking, then she handed me an envelope
    with $600 free gift certificates and explained what to do. We got 12 perfect dresses, alterations, and gifts.
    I couldn't be more happy. I highly recommend Dolita boutique

  • Melissa (Tuesday, October 29 13 02:06 pm EDT)

    What more can I say. . . Superb product, superb service!
    Thank you my dear Dolita
    Let me know if you need a lawyer.

  • Tamara Lagrand (Monday, October 14 13 03:28 pm EDT)

    I'm wearing my beautiful Dolita dress today and having an amazing time in the city with my friends. I'll come to see you next Friday and bring my girlfriend. Tamara

  • Barbara Nelson (Thursday, October 10 13 09:54 am EDT)

    My dress is just perfect. thank you so much. I love your website Dolita, your dresses are beautiful and great for every women. I'm leaving this afternoon for Florida. I wish you had a boutique there.
    See you when I come back. Barbara

  • Gaby Cohen (Saturday, October 05 13 08:33 pm EDT)

    I have been buying dresses from Dolita and I absolutely have loved every single dress. My favorite moments are meeting with the designer, Dolita is a very talented fashion designer and a beautiful
    person, I really appreciate the personal care she gave me. My new lace dress is EXQUISITE!
    I would definitely recommend to All my friends to visit your boutique. I love "France" !!!
    Thank you so much

  • Breast Cancer Fund Raiser-Olivia (Thursday, October 03 13 11:06 am EDT)

    Dolita donated, hundreds of beautiful dresses, we had so much choices and sizes for everyone. Women Loves all her dresses, I saw fountains of happy tears at the Auction, we've successfully sold all
    her dresses!!!! I like to say, it's something special about her work. Does anyone know how hard Dolita works and does everything alone? It's No magic just an incredible passionate woman with a HUGE
    HEART. I hope everybody understand that Dolita needs partners or investors to keep her small business alive. She don't want charity, but find partners. She is an amazing artist, and the most generous
    and compassionate woman I ever met. Olivia

  • Claudia Signs (Wednesday, October 02 13 03:11 pm EDT)

    My dear Dolita, I just wanted to let you know that my lace dress and the other dresses are amazing and beautiful. You are a genius, thank you so much for having me at the store on Sunday morning,
    Dolita you are an angel, an amazing designer and a fantastic woman.
    I'm sure many ladies had the "first class experience" at the Dolita-store, Dolita is highly educated, very clever and generous. You'll see me again!!!

  • Carol (Tuesday, October 01 13 12:49 pm EDT)

    The" flowing dress style" is the absolute perfect fit for me. I'm a lawyer and I ride a citi bike regularly, I actually prefer my skirts longer. The Dolita dress length is perfect.
    I'm a huge fan.