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Work & Inspiration


Each and every DOLITA piece is hand designed and completely handmade by Dolita,  her mission is to offer quality, Elegance, and Timeless dresses in an assortment of sizes and styles for women of all Ages, body shapes, and Sizes.   

Dolita has a wondrous ability to create and make all her dresses by herself using no patterns or measurements.

Passionately devoted to her craft, creative, Fast and spontaneous, She believes in harmony and in the sens of proportion. She cuts the fabric directly, then assembles the pieces like a patchwork.


Using her own technique she has sewn Thousands of dresses and can make you a dress just by looking at you.

The Dolita fashion is designed to fit women of all ages, body shapes and sizes, the Dolita Parisian style distinguishes itself by  the elegance and femininty. It is chic and timeless.


Whenever you live, work or travel, the Dolita Paris look is unmistakable, You are the most exciting woman in the room.


"I choose harmony over perfection, women must feel comfortable, free and fabulous" you deserve beautiful clothes in your size.





Dolita was born in Normandie and grew up in Paris. At 16 she was  discovered by the Designer of the House of Haute Couture of Jacques Esterel.

After eighteen months she decided to draw lingerie and swim wear line. She worked for both for fine lingerie designers and  commercial labels, proving her ability and creativity.


Only years later, she created DOLITA Paris, her own line that seduced the Parisian Fashion world. She was interviewed on television and featured in magazines, Elle, Glamour, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, The New York Times & much more, in less than a month.


Her handcrafted dresses were snapped by the Legendary Parisian Designer Boutique Maria Luisa, in the famous department store Les "Galeries Lafayette" in cities all over France, "le bon Marche" and  twenty one Designers Boutiques.


Driven by her passion and creativity, she sewed thousands of dresses and in a few months has expanded sales into the international Department stores and Multi Labels designer stores Harrods, Bloomingdale's, Barneys ect... United Kingdom, Spain, Singapore, the United States, Israel, Japan and Dubai.